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We're using the following script to have a dropdown navigation:


However, the drop down is only triggered when the [+] or [-] is clicked. What we like to happen is for the headings themselves to trigger the dropdown. Like:

[+] Heading
[+] Heading 2
[+] Heading 3

When we click on [+] and also the word "Heading" we like the drop down list to appear like so:

[-] Heading
 -- Content 1
 -- Content 2
 -- Content 3
[+] Heading 2
[+] Heading 3

Currently, only the [+] triggers the drop down and "Heading" merely allows us to put a normal link.

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Do you have any code so far? –  Justin Johnson Feb 11 '11 at 6:43
Haven't placed it on our website yet. I just used exactly the same code from the website to test how it's supposed to work. So basically, the code is the one on the link above. –  catandmouse Feb 11 '11 at 8:40

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linkParent:false change to linkParent:true

If you change that to true I have a feeling that will allow the heading to do the linking too.

If you take a look at line 41 it sets the click handler. The first a tag [0] is the arrow and the second a tag [1] I believe is the title

parentLI.getElementsByTagName('a')[0].onclick=function(){return false;} // Safari hack
    parentLI.getElementsByTagName('a')[1].onclick=function(){return false;} // Safari hack


Hint: They also have a nice comment in the beginning of the script.

// boolean to make the parent link collapse the section or not 

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Thanks! didn't notice that note. :D –  catandmouse Feb 11 '11 at 10:05

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