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I'm looking for sources of inspiration and/or design patterns for navigation 'breadcrumbs'. So far I have found the breadcrumb collection on Pattern Tap. Does anyone know of any other sources?

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The article 'Taming lists' from A List Apart has some good advice on CSS styling for breadcrumbs (look down for the heading 'Breadcrumb Trails').

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Classic article, I remember when it was first published. Those were heady, exciting times. – Charles Roper Sep 8 '08 at 13:26

The Yahoo pattern library has a useful wee bit about breadcrumbs too.

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I found a few good/bad examples of breadcrumbs here.

Also, there's a blog post about breadcrumb designs.

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There's a great page on breadcrumbs at the Diemen Repository of Interaction Design Patterns

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If using Microsoft ASP.NET, there's a built in control: SiteMapPath.

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Web & Patterns breadcrumbs category

"Inspirational and creative Breadcrumbs for web design"

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