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I'm using progress bar in my app. when i navigating first widget to second widget and in-between i'm using progress bar in another widget.

    progressform *pgm = new progressform(); // calling progress bar widget
    for(int i=24;i<=100;i++) //initial setvalue is 24
    detailWidget *dwt = new  detailWidget(); // calling detail widget


Before going to detailwidget i called progressform(widget) and after that the progressbar setvalue reach 100 it moves to detailwidget. the problem is i cant resize the progress widget in to center of the screen like popup screen and I want to sleep time because i want to see the progress value increased one by one?

Thanks in advance

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You'll have to center your progress bar manually. Popup screens do so automatically, but progress bars normally are used as part of a dialog. Therefore they are positioned by the dialog layout.

As for the sleeping, that's probably a design error. If your task is so fast you'd need a sleep just to see the progress bar, you shouldn't have a progress bar in the first place.

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I can recommend using QProgressDialog instead which pops up centered automatically.

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