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I have added an event handler for itemOpening event for the tree component inside the handler basically ido myTree.selectedItem = event.item ; and then add the new data inside myTree.selectedItem.children.push(newData); But It do not show simultaneously instead I have to close , open the branch again to see the new data . I think I need to refresh something after adding new data but dont know what ? below is the code but without the declaration , script tag etc

<services:DocumentService id="$document"/>
        <s:CallResponder id="$newFolderAdded" result="$newFolderAdded_resultHandler(event)"/>

     <mx:Tree  id="myTree" width="100%" height="60%" creationComplete="myTree_creationCompleteHandler(event)"
                 labelField="name" itemOpening="myTree_itemClickHandler(event)" />

    protected function myTree_itemClickHandler(event:TreeEvent):void
                     myTree.selectedItem = event.item;
                       $newFolderAdded.token =  $document.getDirectDecendents(event.item);


        protected function $newFolderAdded_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
                    for each(var folder:Object in event.result)


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Try invalidating the data of the tree by calling:

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thanks it did the trick :) – Mr Coder Feb 11 '11 at 8:50

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