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i m just a beginner and i m using c++, wxwidget and mysql manually i m capable to add data in ListCtrl but when i m filling data in ListCtrl , conversion showing some problem i know how to add data in wxListCtrl ex-

data_list_control->SetColumnWidth(0, 110);
data_list_control->SetColumnWidth(1, 110);
data_list_control->SetColumnWidth(2, 160);
long index = data_list_control->InsertItem(0, wxT("India"));
data_list_control->SetItem(index, 1, wxT("U.p"));
data_list_control->SetItem(index, 2, wxT("208005"));

with the help of this we can get India U.p 208005 in wxListCtrl but when i am filling this with database then conversion of varchar to wxString creating a problem, it is showing all the result but in garbage form i m doing mysql connectivity, look at this


long index=data_list_control->InsertItem(i,wxT(row[i]));


if database have three row then listctrl also showing three row but value are in unexpected form.. i only want to know how to convert varchar, int , long or any database data type to wxString format.

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actually i got the solution of this.... no need to bother about this –  rohitamitpathak Feb 14 '11 at 5:30

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                    List_Ctrl_Data obj1 ;

                         MYSQL_RES *database_table_data;
                         if (database_table_data==NULL)
                             int decision = wxMessageBox(wxT("CAN NOT CONNECT TO DATABASE"), wxT("Message"),  wxOK | wxICON_INFORMATION, NULL,  -1, -1);
                         else if(mysql_num_rows(database_table_data)==0)
                             int decision = wxMessageBox(wxT("database has nothing to show"), wxT("Message"),  wxOK | wxICON_INFORMATION, NULL,  -1, -1);
                             int num_fields;
                             MYSQL_ROW row;
                             num_fields = mysql_num_fields(database_table_data);
                             long i=0;
                             int j;
                                 const char* chars1 = row[0];
                                 wxString mystring1(chars1, wxConvUTF8);
                                 long index=data_list_control->InsertItem(i,mystring1);
                                     const char* chars2=row[j];
                                     wxString mystring2(chars2,wxConvUTF8);

} void login::onbuttonclick(wxCommandEvent & WXUNUSED(event)) {



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this is the solution of my problem.... –  rohitamitpathak Feb 24 '11 at 6:36

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