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I have to create a utility through which user can able to upload singh or multiple files with the use of asp.net FileUpload Server control.

I am looking for Security concern for the same. What are the points need to keep in our minds which violate security. One main issue is in my mind is related to Viruses - means

  1. How to prompt user for viruses and terminate the upload operation
  2. How to scan files for viruses during upload operation

There may be several Security risks. Please discuss the issues/risks with proposed solutions.

Any reply for this most appreciable.

Thanks in advance

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The risks all centre around the fact that naughty people will upload things that can execute on the web server machine and cause problems.

A pragmatic way of preventing issues relating to malicious file uploads is to restrict the file types your server will accept by checking the PostedFile.ContentType property. This identifies the MIME-type. Best to exclude things like .exe and then of course there are issues around macros and VBA automation in MS Office-generated files like .doc and .xls.

There's a 'how to' here: How to restrict file type in FileUpload control

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thanks for quick answer. I am also looking for some other risks. major concern is about virus infected files. –  Gaurav Kumar Arora Feb 11 '11 at 13:12

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