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Is it possible to annotate objects with calculations (which are not the trivial sum\max\min\count) based on other fields?


  • To add a time annotation field based on an existing TimeField field with addition of a certain time interval
  • To add an integer annotation that is a certain calculation based on two IntegerFields fields

A workaround for at least some of the cases (e.g. the first of the two examples) would be having an update() command that does not save. That would allow me to change a certain field in a QuerySet, and use it locally without changing the entries in the db. Alas, AFAIK update() always saves.

A solution would be of course to list the queryset and add a field using list comprehension, but I was hoping for a more djangoic way of doing it.

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Here's an answer to another question that maybe be relevant: django - ordering queryset by a calculated field

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