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I downloaded zlib from their website and I have the link warning from the title. I also compiled zlib and still have same warning. Do you know how may I fix this? I don't like warning of any kind in my projects:)

I use Visual Studio 2010.

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Apparently the compiler used to generate the .lib import for the DLL isn't entirely compatible with Visual Studio:

I thought MinGW can be a one-stop shop that'll do what's needed, and we won't need anymore the awkward two-tool combination that we used to use around zlib-1.2.3. It seems we need another, even more awkward two-tool combination now.

Cosmin Truta built a new version using Visual studio. It should fix the warnings.

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Your links are broken now. However the newer zlib versions at zlib.net don't have this problem. –  Michael Platings May 14 at 14:28

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