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I'm lousy at SQL queries so this may be a silly question. However, here is roughly what i'd like to do:

table corpuses //stuff i'd like to search thru title body ...

table searches //list of search terms to be applied to corpuses term

The query i'd like to write is more or less as follows: I beleive I need some sort of a join, but I'm not sure just how to do that. Additionally, I'm not sure that the against() operator will take anything aside from a literal - the docs didn't seem to mention either way.

select * from corpuses where match (title, body) against (select term from searches);

I'm using MySQL 5

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Brian

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Please post more detail of your table structures when you ask questions like this. "SHOW CREATE TABLE corpuses" and same for searches. –  Bill Karwin Jan 30 '09 at 19:28

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Sounds like you need to use a FULLTEXT matching expression in your join condition.

I've never used a fulltext match in a join condition, so I'm not sure this will work, but hypothetically this might do it:

FROM corpuses c JOIN searches s 
  ON (MATCH(c.title, c.body) AGAINST (s.term));

Okay I've tried it using your table definitions and some sample data from the MySQL manual. Here's a query that works (tested with MySQL 5.1.30):

FROM corpuses 
WHERE MATCH(title, body)
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upon further inspection this is not actually what i needed - group concat lumps all of the terms in as one; i need to distinguish them from one another, so i think i'm back to square one. thanks for the suggestions though. –  Brian Sweeney Feb 9 '09 at 21:31
It pays to be clear about your goals when you ask questions. Good luck. –  Bill Karwin Feb 9 '09 at 22:15

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