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What is the name of these two kind of query?

return (from c in _dbRead.Domain
                where c.ID == ID
                select c).FirstOrDefault();

return _dbRead.Domain.Where(x => x.ID == ID).FirstOrDefault();

I mean let's say i call first one as "linq to sql query" what do i name the second query, ofcourse second one is also "linq to sql query" but what do i name the second query.

And please tell me, what's the difference between using them?

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The first one uses the query expression syntax, while the second uses method syntax.

They are effectively the same thing: the compiler transforms the first version into the second (you can read more about this transformation process in part 41 of Jon Skeet's Edulinq series). There is no semantic or performance difference between the two.

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x => x.ID == ID in specific are called lambda expressions. Apart from that,there is no special names for such queries.

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The first version uses query-comprehension syntax, whereas the second uses extension methods. They are both forms of LINQ.

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