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I'm currently working on something that is probably done in plenty of examples out there. But after some searching I can't find anything.

I'm working with WPF tab control and I'm trying to recreate some basic functionality (which you see in all internet browsers nowadays) to add a new tab by clicking a '+' tab which is the last listed tab.

I already have the '+' tab which adds a new tab. My problem is, I want to move the '+' tab after the new tab (so its the end tab again) and switch view to the new tab that has just been created.

I thought something like:

    void tiNewTab_Add(object sender, EventArgs e)
        int idx = tabControl1.Items.Count;
        tabControl1.SelectedIndex = idx - 1;
        TabItem ti = new TabItemKPI();

...would work but no luck :(

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Try something like this:


This will do because you always have at least one TabItem (the + one)

Then select the second last one by

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Not tested, but following should work:

int idx = tabControl1.Items.Count;
tabControl1.SelectedIndex = idx - 1;
TabItem ti = new TabItem();
tabControl1.Items.Insert(tabControl1.Items.IndexOf(tabControl1.Items.Last()), ti);
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