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I'm having issue with logging that is using up too much DiskIO and too much space when a large number of users are using a live system which has issues which only happen in live.

Is there a log4j or (preferably) LogBack appender/configuration that will allow writing directly to a GZIP compressed file?

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This feature already exists in Logback. Take a look at appenders section, specifically at time based rolling policy.


Just like FixedWindowRollingPolicy, TimeBasedRollingPolicy supports automatic file compression. This feature is enabled if the value of the fileNamePattern option ends with .gz or .zip.

Also take a look at time and size based rolling policy.

You can setup rollover to occur after one log file hits a certain limit.

I don't believe writing directly to a GZIP compressed file for every log statement would be feasable, since this would create a pretty big performance overhead. Using a combination of existing features sounds reasonable to me.

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The space issue is already solved by logback. It will compress your log files during rollover. The IO issue is quite a different one and I am afraid logback does not offer a solution.

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