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I simply want to be able to export jpg data from a single record to a file without having to write a program every time.


select Media from tbl_GEO_ElementImage where ElementImageID = 64902
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Use the command line BCP utility:

c:\temp\>bcp "select Media from tbl_GEO_ElementImage where ElementImageID = 64902" queryout "001.jpg" -T

When promped, give the following answers:

    Enter the file storage type of field Media [image]: <Enter>
    Enter prefix-length of field Media [4]: 0
    Enter length of field Media [0]: <Enter>
    Enter field terminator [none]: <Enter>

Do you want to save this format information in a file? [Y/n] n
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I had to do this for multiple records, so I ended up writing a script to generate a series of these statements, adding the additional "-n" flag to avoid prompting for values. Unfortunately it did add the 4 byte prefix since it's the default, but another quick script removed the first 4 bytes afterwards. Thanks for the post, this really helped me out! –  Dan Breen Mar 13 '12 at 18:48

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