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If I want to run a function within another function I can pass in some of the arguments like so:

function applyFunc(type) {
    myNamespace[type].apply(this, arguments.splice(1));

But is there a similar method (or really simple workaround) for instantiating a new object, i.e. pass the outer arguments into the inner function, but using the new keyword too?

function newObj(type) {
    new myNamespace[type].apply(this, arguments.splice(1)); //apply doesn't work here
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Yes, it should work. If it doesn't in your code, you may consider using Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments,1) (or [].slice.call(arguments,1)) in stead of arguments.splice(1). Here's some test code, also to be found in this jsfiddle snippet:

function C(){}

C.prototype.fun = function(){

function newf(t){
 new C()[t].apply(this,[].slice.call(arguments,1));

new C().fun.apply(null,[1,2,3]); //works
newf('fun',1,2,3); //works
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