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I have an object which has a date and a list of people, a person has a first and last name. Something like:

DateTime - StartDate
List<Person> - People

string - FirstName
string - LastName

I have a list of people info where there are multiple StartDates the same each with its own list of people. Is it possible to merge these into a single object using linq?


StartDate - 1/1/2011, People Bob, Sue, Jane
StartDate - 2/2/2011, People Scott, Rob, Mark
StartDate - 1/1/2011, People Fred, Gill, Jack

Expected output

StartDate - 1/1/2011, People Bob, Sue, Jane, Fred, Gill, Jack
StartDate - 2/2/2011, People Scott, Rob, Mark

Is this possible in linq?


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You could do:

List<PeopleInfo> peopleInfos = ...

var merged = from peopleInfo in peopleInfos
             group peopleInfo by peopleInfo.StartDate into dateGroup
             select new PeopleInfo
                 StartDate = dateGroup.Key,
                 People = dateGroup.SelectMany(pi => pi.People)

But this really looks like a hack; I would recommend you design the container class in a way that prevents this 'duplicate date' scenario from occurring in the first place. e.g. an implementation of ILookup<DateTime, Person> or IDictionary<DateTime, List<Person>> or a HashSet<PeopleInfo> that uses StartDate for equality.

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Thanks that works great. A better implementation is a good idea but what I'm doing is just a hack for the time being anyway. – lancscoder Feb 11 '11 at 12:58
I would agree the OP model leaves something to be desired, but your solution is spot on! – Ralph Shillington Feb 11 '11 at 13:02
ILookup<DateTime, Person> lookup =
    from pi in PeopleInfos
    from person in pi.People
    select new {StartDate = pi.StartDate, Person = person }
  ).ToLookup(x => x.StartDate, x => x.Person);


List<PeopleInfo> list =
    from pi in PeopleInfos
    from person in pi.People
    group person by pi.StartDate into g
    select new PeopleInfo() { StartDate = g.Key, People = g.ToList() }
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+1. I would warn that while this is correct, it unnecessarily flattens the whole input collection and does the grouping from scratch. – Ani Feb 11 '11 at 13:07
Unnecessary flattening? What does it cost? – David B Feb 11 '11 at 13:15

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