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I have multipul input fields on a page, a few of them are type="textfield" and some of those textfields i want to group, so that if i type something into one of them it propergates to the rest within that group.

I have tried using the same name as radio buttons work like this, but that doesn't seem to work. i have looked around the net but cannot find any examples.

does anyone know how to do this, or anywhere which tells you how?



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I don't think it's possible with pure html, have you tried using JavaScript? I would look into jQuery to set up event handlers for that.

$('textbox1').change(function(o) {

Will react to all changes of textbox1 and replicate the value to textbox2. Untested code, only an approach.

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thanks i used javascript in this example, but a messy way to do it. –  f1wade Aug 9 '12 at 8:17

jQuery since version 1.7 offers a convenient way to handle several events by using the .on() handler - method:

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#textbox1').on('keypress keyup change', function(event) {
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