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I'm installing CSVN using jdk1.6.0_23 and I'm getting the following Java error:

2011-02-10 16:25:50,951 [WrapperJarAppMain] WARN util.GrailsUtil - [WARNING] Property [ldapServerPort] of domain class com.collabnet.svnedge.console.Server has type [int] and doesn't support constraint [nullable]. This constraint will not be checked during validation.
2011-02-10 16:25:51,117 [WrapperJarAppMain] ERROR ehcache.Cache - Unable to set localhost. This prevents creation of a GUID. Cause was: vkqgae01: vkqgae01
java.net.UnknownHostException: vkqgae01: vkqgae01
at java.net.InetAddress.getLocalHost(InetAddress.java:1354)
at net.sf.ehcache.Cache.<clinit>(Cache.java:143)

My server has 3 NICs (eth0, eth1 and eth2). I've added an entry to the hosts file bellow localhost containing the following: vkqgae01

I can succesfully ping vkqgae01, but nslookup cannot resolve it.

Any ideas?

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Probably nslookup is not recognizing vkqgae01, because the resolv.conf file is pointing to real DNS server and querying it for that name.. It maybe be the problem.. –  Serhiy Feb 11 '11 at 17:54

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That is related with




If /etc/hosts doesn't containt the definition of the hostname it fails. Just add your hostname to /etc/host for example if your hostname is work add or modified the following line:   work        localhost
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Thanks, this really did help me. My computer has a "user-friendly" name like MyComputer.local and it could not resolve that name when I was offline. Adding the record to /etc/hosts solved the problem. –  vektor Feb 18 at 10:54

I can succesfully ping vkqgae01, but nslookup cannot resolve it.

Any ideas?

What happens?

  • vkqgae01 is resolved locally thanks to your hosts file.
  • nslookup sends a query to your DNS, where vkqgae01 is unknown.

Suggestion: add vkqgae01 to hosts file of every machine where you "use" it.
Basically, the fact that the local hosts file on vkqgae01 contains localhost vkqgae01 doesn't help other machines to solve its name.

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This worked for me. nice –  Nicholas DiPiazza Oct 27 '12 at 19:21

Just added the line below in /etc/hosts and it worked. imac

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nslookup queries DNS specifically and directly. This means it will not be able to show anything added directly to an /etc/hosts file (as that isn't DNS). If you want to properly make sure your system will resolve a name, use getent: 'getent hosts vkqgae01'

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You need to restart the container if /etc/hosts was changed as far as JVM caches local addresses/names on the first InetAddress call. It looks like InetAddress implementation bug, but still not fixed.

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