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I want to use font "MgOpen Modata" in my iphone App. But I dont see it in the font list in Property inspector.

How do I include that font so that I can use it?

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  1. Add the font files to your resource files
  2. Edit your Info.plist: Add a new entry with the key Fonts provided by application.
  3. For each of your files, add the file name to this array

On the example below, I've added the font "DejaVu Sans Mono":

Info.plist: adding custom fonts

In your application you can the use [UIFont fontWithName:@"DejaVuSansMono-Bold" size:14.f].

Or if you want to use it in html/css, just use font-family:DejaVu Sans Mono;

Note: this is available in iOS 3.2 and later.

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to all : note that fontwithName must not include the extension DejaVuSansMono-Bold.TTF, I have done this mistake several times.so. –  Arpit Parekh Jun 18 '12 at 12:44
I'd say take a look at this great tutorial if you have any issues with the above: codewithchris.com/… –  LordParsley Aug 25 '13 at 20:21

I found this walkthrough was the best

Although the above accepted answer does work I found that if you added text into an XIB file and then set the font to our new font then the text didn't update.

Making sure the new font is included in resources fixed this problem (taken directly from walkthrough):

"This should not be a problem but sometimes when you’re having trouble getting your font face to show up, this can be a source of headache so let’s double check now to rule it out as a potential pitfall.

Go to your project Build Phases pane by highlighting the XCode project file in your solution explorer and on the right hand side, select “Build Phases”. You’ll see that one of the sections you can expand is “Copy Bundle Resources”. Open that list and make sure that your fonts are included in that list."

Make sure the fonts are included in our resources

The other stuff in the walkthrough is the same kind of stuff (add the file to your project and to the plist file too)

All credit to Code with Chris for this answer which saved me a lot of time and effort and I am merely copying a shot from his page to allow this answer to stand on its own feet instead of requiring you to click the link.

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Most of the time we forget to add font to the application Target. Make sure you did not forget this important step. Mind checking right panel File Inspector > Target Membership checkbox.

enter image description here

Also you can check wether font is added well to your application or not by running this code snippet in anywhere on your app.

for (NSString* family in [UIFont familyNames])
    NSLog(@"%@", family);

    for (NSString* name in [UIFont fontNamesForFamilyName: family])
        NSLog(@"  %@", name);

This will populate a list of available fonts in your app, where your added font will also appear.

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You can use [UIFont fontWithName:@"ArialMT" size:14]; method directly, if you want to change your font style. Also all the fonts may not be available in iphone library.Just refer this for available font styles.

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so does it mean that I can't use any fonts on iPhone other than the one you mentioned in the link? Is there no way to add new fonts? –  meetpd Feb 11 '11 at 13:20

If you have .otf format. sometime this format doesnt work. Convert .otf format to .ttf. There are bunch of font converter online. Once you add the custom font to your .plist file under Fonts provided by application as explained above. Make sure in your Project Target under Build Phase -> copy Bundel Resourse that file is present. If not then add it. Then just in your code add this [UIFont fontWithName:@"your custom font" size:your choice of size];

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Don't forget to add the fonts to the targets compile bundle resources by going to 'Targets' -> 'Build Phases' -> 'Copy Bundle Resources' and add all the fonts manually

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