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I found that there is "socket: /tmp/mysql.sock" in some config files, so what is the difference between socket and sock ?

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'Socket' is the technical term for a handle that refers to a network endpoint. It originated in the Unix API for networks, and has since leaked over to Windows.

A socket can refer to TCP connection, a UDP packet endpoint, an X.25 connection, or ... a Unix domain socket, which is a mutant named pipe.

People tend to name Unix domain sockets with 'sock' in the name, but there's no requirement.

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sock is an abbreviation of socket (also a sock is something that is worn on the feet).

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Sock is just an abbreviation for socket. But if you see a socket as a file it's a Unix socket as opposed to a TCP socket.

This link has some information on the differences between the two.

Basically a TCP socket communicates over the network, and a Unix socket is similar except it can only connect to your localhost. (

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