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Hi want to extract video meta tags using Python as described. On stackoverflow, I found kaa module which is not supported in Windows. Can anyone suggest me python library that can work on across the platforms?

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hachoir do not provide me the library :( –  anish Feb 15 '11 at 11:31

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Have you seen Hachoir? It 'extracts metadata from multimedia files'.

The different file format parsers give differing levels of detail, but it might be what you are looking for. Here's an example of metatdata extraction from an AVI file:

$ hachoir-metadata pacte_des_gnous.avi
- Duration: 4 min 25 sec
- Comment: Has audio/video index (248.9 KB)
- MIME type: video/x-msvideo
- Endian: Little endian
Video stream:
- Image width: 600
- Image height: 480
- Bits/pixel: 24
- Compression: DivX v4 (fourcc:"divx")
- Frame rate: 30.0
Audio stream:
- Channel: stereo
- Sample rate: 22.1 KHz
- Compression: MPEG Layer 3
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You could try enzyme though the refactoring has caused the manual to become outdated.

Also, ffmpeg is a very powerful tool and you can read video metadata using the command:

ffmpeg -i <videofile> -f ffmetadata metadata.txt
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