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I use the Seam framework.

If I do

Session sess = (Session)em.getDelegate();
Connection conn = sess.connection();

Is this then a new connection? And do I have to close the connection manually?

I tested this in a loop in Weblogic app server:

    Session sess = (Session)em.getDelegate();

    for (int i=1; i<=1000; i++) {
        Connection conn = sess.connection();
        // ... 

And I never saw in the console that the Weblogic pool limit was out of resources and also no forcing of inactive connections to the pool.

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From the javadoc:

Get the JDBC connection of this Session. If the session is using aggressive collection release (as in a CMT environment), it is the application's responsibility to close the connection returned by this call. Otherwise, the application should not close the connection.


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