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I'm using the Chart control from the DataVisualization library, and want to use image annotations on my chart. The problem is that the ImageAnnotation.Image property is a path to the image and there doesn't appear to be an exposed Bitmap property that I could use to load the image from the Resources object like I can for any other .net control.

Is there anyway I'm overlooking to load this using embedded resources instead of reading a separate file off the disk?

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I found the answer, you need to add the image to the parent Chart's NamedImage collection.

private string imageName = "myImage";

//in constructor
NamedImage foo = new NamedImage(imageName , Properties.Resources.myImage);

//where creating the annotation
ImageAnnotation imgAnnotation = new ImageAnnotation();
imgAnnotation.Image = imageName;
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Thanks for this answer Dan, I'm looking into the same issue and found your solution. I will be trying this out :D –  DeveloperDavid May 4 '14 at 16:14
Thank you for pointing this. Much more quicker than having to parse hundreds pages of docs or trying to guess this thing which is not obvious at all. –  Larry Jan 15 at 10:06

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