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Im trying to create a table in a window application program for iPhone. Basically my situation is this: When the application opens I have a UITabBarController which displays six tabs..

TAB 1 | TAB 2 | TAB 3 | TAB 4 | SEARCH | TAB 5 | TAB 6

I have been trying to insert a table in the search tab but I cant seem to find infromation on how to do it without accessing the rootviewcontroller which is loaded in a navigation based application.

My question is.. is it possible to create a table with buttons (if you click on an element another page will load) within a tab of a tabbarcontroller in a windows application?


If I was to restart from scratch and design the application from a Navigation Based template, can i load a uitabbarcontroller which would link me to other tabs? or will the inital table just overwrite it?


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Although I'm not 100% sure exactly what you are trying to do, it is absolutely possible to create a table within a tab.

In usual cases, a navigation controller becomes a root view controller for the tab where you want to present the table. Then, a subclass of UITableViewController becomes the root view controller of the navigation controller. You can react to a touch on a table element in the table view's delegate (via tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath:), and you can push 'another page' into the navigation controller's stack to display it.

It doesn't matter if you start using tab-bar template, and starting from a navigation based template makes less sense as the root view controller of your application is a tab bar controller, not a navigation controller.

Also, in iPhone, only 5 tabs are displayed in the tab bar. If you have more than 5, they will be managed by the user as in iPod application.

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