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I have a requirement to create a job where a web upload (IE a post with a file) is going to be required. Is there a way to do this? (I've tried searching the web). Note that the files in question could be very large.

Workflow (for clarity): User clicks build in job menu, user can set parameters and make an upload, user clicks submit and job is built with that file as a source.

Other use case: The job is started remotely with a POST operation to upload the file and set the parameters.

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You can create a Parameterized Build in which there is a File parameter for the user to upload their file.

File parameter allows a build to accept a file, to be submitted by the user when scheduling a new build. The file will be placed inside the workspace at the known location after the check-out/update is done, so that your build scripts can use this file.

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Doh - it was right under my nose. Thanks. I already had other params. –  Danny Staple Feb 13 '11 at 11:47
Do we have any flag to check whether user has uploaded the file or not ? –  Harsha Dec 20 '12 at 7:29
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