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I'm trying to use CppUnit but have noticed that anytime I get to the linking phase of my code I'm being told I have a bunch of undefined references from things like CppUnit::TextTestRunner etc. I confirmed these were undefined by looking at libcppunit.a and sure enough most of the .o files are nothing but undefined references. I tried rebuilding and making the installation but noticed that if finishes during make with /link being unable to find references to said interfaces. Has anyone else experienced this on a SUSE 10 linux distro? Any ideas how to get those libraries linked in? We are running on SGI Altix Itaniums if that is of anyhelp.

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Can you give an example of some of the errors? – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Feb 11 '11 at 17:17

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Are you mixing C and C++ code? It may be the C++ name mangling is causing this

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