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Hey, Consider i have the follwing html syntax


I want to retrieve the text (xyz and abc) using DOM.

This is my code.

$ret= getLinks($link);
print_r ($ret);

function getLinks($link)
    /*** return array ***/
    $ret = array();

    /*** a new dom object ***/
    $dom = new domDocument;

    /*** get the HTML (suppress errors) ***/

    /*** remove silly white space ***/
    $dom->preserveWhiteSpace = false;

    /*** get the links from the HTML ***/
    $text = $dom->getElementsByTagName('p');

/*** loop over the links ***/
    foreach ($text as $tag)
        $ret[] = $tag->innerHTML;

    return $ret;

But i get an empty result. wat am i miissing here.?

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Have you tried debugging it yet? Try putting die($variable); after each statement and determine which one does not correctly work. Also, I think it's DOMDocument and I'm not sure there is an innerHTML property. –  meder Feb 11 '11 at 16:19

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To suppress parsing errors, do not use




Also, there is no reason to use file_get_contents. DOM can load from remote resources.


Also, Tag Names are case sensitive. You are querying for <P> when the snippet contains <p>. Change to

$text = $dom->getElementsByTagName('p');

And finally, there is no innerHTML. A userland solution to fetch it is in

You can fetch the outerHTML with

$ret[] = $dom->saveHtml($tag); // requires PHP 5.3.6+


$ret[] = $dom->saveXml($tag); // that will make it XML compliant though

To get the text content of the P tag, use

$ret[] = $tag->nodeValue;
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First, case matters:


Should be:


Second, innerHTML is not a valid DOMElement property.


echo $dom->textContent;
echo $dom->nodeValue;

However, this won't return the inner HTML tags and will strip them. There are a few examples on how to make it work in the PHP manual.

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