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Are there any other characters I can use in a <Say> verb to help the pronunciation (assuming I have too many options to just record them all as MP3s).

Thus far all I've found is hyphens to help with correctly detecting syllables: Adgrok is pronounced "Addbrooke" but "Ad-grok" is pronounced correctly. "PagerDuty" is "pahdgerduty" but "pager-duty" is correct.

Capitals seem to be meaningless and spaces can introduce weirdness: "Mont Re Al." is pronounced "Mont Re Alabama"

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Unfortunately, at this time there are no special punctuation marks that can help with pronunciation.

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I use spaces and periods sometimes but other that that it can be hard when you are using trade names. Another trick is I wanted it to say so i typed "mysite dot com" or spelling out numbers five for 5. I think a lot of it comes down to trial and error.

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The standard for doing this is SSML ( While Twilio does not support this, Tropo does with their speech synthesis verb 'say'. So, you may do something like this:

say "<speak> I like squirrels!. 
I <prosody rate='-10%'>like squirrels!</prosody> 
I <prosody rate='-30%'>like squirrels!</prosody>  
I <prosody rate='-50%'>like squirrels!</prosody> 
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