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In the client side, I have constructed a JSOnARRAY like this:


On the server side (java), I can retireve the values using :

jfilter = JSONValue.parse(jsonFilterStr); //jsonFilterStr={"filterEntries":[{"dataName":"mainContact","filterValue":"BILLGATES"}]}.

JSONArray jFilterEntries = (JSONArray) jfilter.get("filterEntries");
for (int i=0;i<jFilterEntries.size();i++){
    JSONObject jFilterEntry = (JSONObject) jFilterEntries.get(i);
    String dataName = (String) jFilterEntry.get("dataName");
    String filterValue = (String) jFilterEntry.get("filterValue");

But the existing app is using flex.json.deserializer and I am unable to achieve the same using flex.json.deserializer. How should I proceed? I wish to do something like this:

JSONDeserializer jsonDeserializer = new JSONDeserializer();
jsonDeserializer.use(null, List.class);
List<Map<String,String>>    lMap= (List<Map<String,String>>)jsonDeserializer.deserialize(params);
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Remember the top object that wraps the array. You have to handle that as well. You have to tell it to expect a Map inside the List. To do that you have to specify the type contained in the list by using the path expression "values".

Map<String,List<Map<String,String>>> result = new JSONDeserializer<Map<String,List<Map<String,String>>>>()
    .use("values.values", Map.class)
    .deserialize( json);

List<Map<String,String>> filterEntries = result.get("filterEntries");

Updated: Add the new keyword, and made the generic types on the right match the left.

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There seems to be a couple issues with the code above, I'm sure because it wasn't run or something. But you do need a "new" before JSONDeserializer. I also get an error that it "cannot convert from List<String> to Map<String,List<String>>" Also, I'm attempting something like this but a little less complicated: {"title":["a","b","c"]} 'code' Map<String, List<String>> result = new JSONDeserializer<??> –  Chris Aug 16 '12 at 3:38
Map<String,List<String>> reuslt = new JSONDeserializer<Map<String,List<String>>>().use("values", List.class).deserialize(json); –  chubbsondubs Aug 16 '12 at 13:54

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