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I have tried measuring time for socket send time:


But ~95% of the times, stopwatch returns time that is <1second (with 5mb and bigger buffer). After running socket.send() within .5-1 milliseconds is says that file was send, even thou user is still downloading. How could I change my code so correct upload time will be returned? Thank you.

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That measures the time required for the data to go from your app to the webserver, which is a local transfer. You'd have to watch for when the outgoing socket closes which would most likely be when the transfer's complete. –  Marc B Feb 11 '11 at 17:27

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I just realized that Marc might be indeed correct. Of course your code is not enough to provide any guidence one way or another.

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You could try:

DateTime start = DateTime.Now;


TimeSpan span = DateTime.Now.Subtract(start);
double msec = span.TotalMilliseconds;
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Nope, same thing happens. –  Semas Feb 12 '11 at 8:36

MarcB seems to be correct. On top of that, make sure to get more precision from your stopwatch e.g.

double seconds = (double)stopWatch.ElapsedTicks / Stopwatch.Frequency;
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