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I need to escape special characters in an ugly XML file (5000 lines or so long). Here's an example of XML I have to deal with:

  <name>name & surname</name>

Here the problem is the character "&" in the name. How would you escape special characters like this with a Python library? I didn't find the way to do it with BeautifulSoup.

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If you don't care about invalid characters in the xml you could use XML parser's recover option (see Parsing broken XML with lxml.etree.iterparse):

from lxml import etree

parser = etree.XMLParser(recover=True) # recover from bad characters.
root = etree.fromstring(broken_xml, parser=parser)
print etree.tostring(root)


<name>name  surname</name>
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finally i used the parse method from lxml.html.soupparser : it can parse my ugly xml without crying :) Thanks for your answer – Jérôme Pigeot Feb 16 '11 at 15:47

You're probably just wanting to do some simple regexp-ery on the HTML before throwing it into BeautifulSoup.

Even simpler, if there aren't any SGML entities (&...;) in the code, html=html.replace('&','&amp;') will do the trick.

Otherwise, try this:

x ="<html><h1>Fish & Chips & Gravy</h1><p>Fish &amp; Chips &#x0026; Gravy</p>"
import re
print q

Essentially the regex looks for & not followed by alpha-numeric or # characters. It won't deal with ampersands at the end of lines, but that's probably fixable.

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<name>name & surname</name>

is not well-formed XML. It should be:

<name>name &amp; surname</name>

All conformant XML tools should create this - you normally do not have to worry. If you create a string with the '&' character then an XML tool will output the escaped version. If you create the string by hand it is your responsibility to make sure it is escaped. If you use an XML editor it should escape it for you.

If the file has been given you by someone else, send it back and tell them it is not well-formed. If they no longer exist you will have to use a plain text editor. That's fragile and messy but there is no other way. If the file has ampersands elsewhere that are used for escaping then the file is garbage.

See a 10-year-old post here and a later one here.

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the xml is generated by a novell tool called metamig : it exports the trustees from a nss server: there are folders with the & character so i have to escape all thoses ones to parse correctly the file – Jérôme Pigeot Feb 11 '11 at 17:57
Assuning you have quoted it correctly it's PSEUDO-xml. I don't know this tool but if you have reported it correctly it should never have got out. It's just WRONG. And if you pay money for it, demand your money back. – peter.murray.rust Feb 11 '11 at 18:01

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