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everyone! I have a huge problem!

I am using haystack and whoosh and django. I am sure I've done everything that is required to be done to make it works according to the documentation.

BUT!!!! results of searching are: "no results found" all the time. But if simbols I put into the form are spaces, every objects I've indexed are printed


In my search_indexes.py I have:

from haystack.indexes import *
from haystack import site
from aias.models import Uspd

class UspdIndex(SearchIndex):
    text   = CharField(document=True, use_template=True)
    serial = CharField(model_attr = 'serial')
    type_id = IntegerField(model_attr = 'type_id')
    name   = CharField(model_attr = 'name')
    def get_queryset(self):
        return Uspd.objects.all()                                                                                            
site.register(Uspd, UspdIndex)

I've created template in folder folder_where_I_have_templates/search/indexes/name_of_my_applcation and printed

{{ object.type_id }}
{{ object.name }}
{{ object.serial }}


By the way I did

from haystack.query import SearchQuerySet sqs = SearchQuerySet().all() sqs.count() And result was 0 What the hell is going on????

Help me please!

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did you rebuild search index? (manage.py rebuild_index) –  skyjur Feb 11 '11 at 18:07
Yes. I did it. I have also tried manage.py update_index and the result is the same. –  mew666 Feb 14 '11 at 8:38

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You haven't mentioned what the search document is called. It should be: uspd_text.txt

The doco said:

You’ll need to create a new template inside your template directory called search/indexes/myapp/note_text.txt and place the following inside

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