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I am using observe_field to read a textfield and based on the value from that textfield, i am displaying a partial via rjs.

Main form code:

<%= f.text_field :playerId %>

<%= observe_field("submission_playerId", :frequency => 1,
:url => { :controller => 'submissions', :action => :display_player_name },
:with => "'id='+value") %>
<div id="span1"></div>


page.replace_html "span1", :partial => "playerName"


<p>Player Name: <%= @submission.player.playername %> </p>

The problem is that the partial 'playerName' is only rendered when i make a change to the textfield 'text_field :playerId'. If for example, i am editing the main form, the partial is not displayed unless i change the player id.

I want the partial to be displayed in the first place when i click on the edit button to edit the form, and not only when i change the playerId.

Is there a way of doing that?

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Do this in the edit.rb code:

<%= render :partial => 'playerName' %>
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Thank you...works perfectly fine – Kim Feb 15 '11 at 11:17

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