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Is it possible to create create a video capture / screencast using Adobe Flex?

I would like to record any part of the users desktop (the web browser, the OS desktop, etc.) at a reasonable frame rate, record from the microphone, and then create a video file.

I would prefer doing this via Flex rather than using Java (Ex: Screencast-o-matic) or using a Windows App (Ex: Camtasia Recorder)

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No, you cannot do this via the browser or a Flex-only AIR app. You can only capture things that are within the application's window. Additionally you cannot capture anything beneath the window. So if you made your window 99% transparent and captured that you would not capture any underlying windows or the desktop.

AIR 2 has a NativeProcesses API that you could use to accomplish this. gotoandlearn.com has a tutorial for creating screenshots that could probably be expanded into video capture. The trade-off is that you're not making a pure Flex app anymore. Also this only works for AIR and not in the browser.

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I see. Thanks for the help. –  Mike Wallace Feb 12 '11 at 0:04
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