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I am looking around for a number picker in a 10-key style, ideally as a dialog... but called as an activity is fine too. I want to offer the user an interface that is a little more directed toward entering $ for an invoice amount field. I have seen adjustments to the date and time pickers but they looked awkward for this application. I have also seem someone call the built-in calculator, which would be fine, but I don't know how they were capturing a returned value (if they were). Any ideas? Yes, I can fall back to a regular edit field and the standard android keyboard... I was just hoping for something a little more slick. Thanks!

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Have you tried setting the attribute android:numeric on the TextView?

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Aaargh!! I hate it when my new is showing! Thanks, Dave. That is definitely a step better than the keyboard in qwerty-mode. I'll wait a little while to see if anyone has seen something really slick and if not, i'll go with 'numeric'. Thanks again! –  ctgScott Feb 11 '11 at 20:29
I just realized that the android:numeric looks very different between sdk versions 8 and 9. What I wanted all along is a 10-key style number selector widget instead of the small-button keyboard approach. This is implemented in sdk 9 and I had been testing all along with sdk 7. Thanks again to dave.c! –  ctgScott Feb 17 '11 at 22:36

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