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My PHPEd suddenly stopped showing arguments and arg order in the hints, and now just shows a basic description of the function.

Before I go digging around in the config files, has anyone else had this problem?



Sorry, I may not have been entirely clear on this. There is no problem with my own classes, only with the actual php functions.


How it used to work:

I type a PHP function, say strpos. As soon as I type the '(' at the end of it, I get the little yellow box, showing something like this:

int strpos  ( string $haystack  , mixed $needle  [, int $offset=0  ] )

with the first argument bold. If I type it, and then a comma, it bolds the second arg, and so on. This is really nice, since PHP functions are a bit scrambled as far as argument order, and I don't have to look them up every time.

How it works now:

I type a php function, say strpos. As soon as I type the '(' at the end of it, I get the little yellow box. It says something like "strpos - Returns the numeric position of the first occurrence of needle in the haystack string."

There are no arguments shown, which makes the little box basically worthless - I know what strpos does, I just want a reminder of the argument order.

I think this may be a problem with the included PHPDoc, which I never use, but may be the source of the data for the hint box.

I did recently upgrade to 5.6, but ended up removing it and restoring 5.2. I installed to a different folder, and uninstalled from there, but it may have overwritten something in the original folder?

I'm using v5.2 (5220).

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Your final edit should actually be posted as the answer to the question. Then it can be upvoted as others find it useful. – Noah Goodrich Feb 16 '09 at 9:47

What version of PhpEd are you using ? And did you made an update of PhpEd recently ?

As mentionned in the forum, that can modify the "Function Arguments Tooltip" feature behavior.

One way to check if this is linked to settings is to move the phped.cfgconfig file (save it), and let PhpEd recreates it with default values. If that does restore the tooltips, use a diff program to check what option may have been changed.

Do you see no hints for all classes, or only your own Php classes (in the latter case, this thread has some setting advices) ?

Note: the reason I ask for the version is because of this very recent thread, about PhpEd5.5:

alt text

In that case, the advice is to copy %PROGRAMFILES%\nusphere\phped\config\func.rel into %APPDATA%\nusphere\phped\config\ directory overriding the file in it.

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A complete re-install seems to have done fixed the problem. Perhaps it was a problem with a partial upgrade or a version mismatch on the settings.

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