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I've configured hgweb.cgi behind iis7 on windows server 2008. I can pull the repository just fine. However whenever I push I get a 502 bad gateway. I've found a posting which seems to indicate this is a problem with the mercurial config on the server. mercurial doesnt seem to be picking up an http proxy (fiddler) from my local machine even if its configured.

Questions are:

  1. how do I 'fix' the 502 problem?
  2. failing that how do I make mercurial use the proxy so I can figure out whats going wrong?
  3. how do I adjust the verbosity setting for mercurial 'properly' given that this is running under a webserver?
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You mjight be able to find some help by looking at the error logs. – tonfa Mar 10 '11 at 22:57
To turn off 'verbosity', find where you have 'verbose=true' in your hgrc files.. and delete it. – mpm Oct 8 '11 at 22:59

It sounds like this problem.

I was having the same issues with pushing a repository, but it went away after I had installed a later version of Mercurial (2.0.1). I used the instructions here, (paying attention to the comment to that post by Ethan J Brown).

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