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I am trying to draw the entire globe inside my MKMapView. By pinching to zoom out I am limited to zooming out to a certain level. I would like to be able to zoom out past this level to show the entire globe on the map. This doesn't seem like it would be very difficult, but I have been unable to find any solution.

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The map inside an MKMapView doesn't repats on the sides, so you can't zoom out far enough to view the whole world. Solution: Write your own renderer (very hard task, working with coordinates on a surface like the earth is a pain).

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Well here is what I don't really get about your answer. If I rotate my application into landscape mode and display the map full screen, I can see almost the entire earth. It's almost as if it cannot zoom out far enough to show the entire globe. I'm not getting the full sides or top/bottom of the map. I wouldn't mind if there was grey or whatever outside my map (I don't need it to repeat). I just want to get it so that the map scales with the smallest lat, long in the bottom left and the largest in the top right. Does this make sense? – wasabi Feb 11 '11 at 20:49

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