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Not sure where to start in this and what the best solution would be. I need to have a product attribute that supports file upload, fir the purpose of an image.

I am not looking for code, simply some advice on the best way to achieve this

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I think you will want to create your own "tab" in the Manage->Products page in the admin app and then inside of that you will want to use a technique such as referenced here for the uploader:


The actual process of storing the link as an attribute on the product could be either a custom attribute you define on the product and then egt/set on this new admin tab or you could look to extend the existing product model by creating your own model class and managing the save of the new model by hooking up to the product save events.

For adding a custom tab to the Manage->Product page I started out with this example:


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make a new attribute and store the file path there and in GUI offer a file upload field for that

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Read this blog.

From the above blog:

Whan of the most enticipated and needed things in Magento is File upload Custom Option. As discussed last year at Magento Forum, it is not completed nor tested.

Now, Magento already have frontend and admin part of file upload option implemented in themes. Since backend part is still missing, understand that this still doesn’t work, however, if you’re interested how it looks, read on ..

Frontend html is found in:


Frontend javascript code in:

(optionFileUpload js object = asynchronous iframe upload)

You can enable file upload custom option if you add:

<file translate="label" module="adminhtml">
        <file translate="label" module="adminhtml">
            <label>File Upload</label>

inside node:




Now you have new File Upload option that you can add to product!

We are coding module of similar functionality for one of our clients as we speak, but we have our fingers crossed to see this option in next Magento version!

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It seems File upload Custom Option is built in in from Magento 1.3.0.. –  Mr_Green Apr 10 at 5:50

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