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I was wondering if anyone else has used the following in their iOS applications.


Basically it is a clone of the UIImagePicker using the using the AssetsLibrary that is available with iOS 4.0.

For the most part I like it, but I ran into two issues.

1) When on a device, it take quite a while when there are more that 200 images in a Library. While it works when once it loads, it takes quite a bit longer than I would ideally like.

2) When selecting some images, it brings it over with a different orientation that is shown on the screen. (looks like that happens most with pictures I took from the iPhone) I even seen it turn an image upside down.

I am just curious if anyone else has used this, and if so, were they able to overcome these issues.

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Hi, as u have used it ,then is it possible to get images from synced albums in ipad using ELCimagepickrcontroller –  Christina Apr 28 '11 at 11:56
Yes, when I was using it, and album that was synced with the iPad showed up for me. –  jabroni May 2 '11 at 2:11

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Regarding orientation you can use the "ALAssetPropertyOrientation" and get the image orientation and than get any orientation that you may need.

Below are the orientation that iOS support

typedef enum {
UIImageOrientationUp,            // default orientation
UIImageOrientationDown,          // 180 deg rotation
UIImageOrientationLeft,          // 90 deg CCW
UIImageOrientationRight,         // 90 deg CW
UIImageOrientationUpMirrored,    // as above but image mirrored along other axis. horizontal flip
UIImageOrientationDownMirrored,  // horizontal flip
UIImageOrientationLeftMirrored,  // vertical flip
UIImageOrientationRightMirrored, // vertical flip
} UIImageOrientation;
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1) Load first 100 images, update GUI and load other in background. 2) UIImage have property imageOrientation

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