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I have a Rails application, that includes chat. Everything works fine, but now I want to store the last 50 chat messages somewhere. I need it to show the last messages if a page is reloaded. I don't want to use database. It would be good to store it in some kind of array, but Rails is stateless. I'm looking to make it a little more stateful with your help.



I've found PStore ( ). It looks pretty good for me, doesn't it?

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  • Your simplest answer is Marshal, since it is part of the Ruby core. Just dump your actual array to disk as a binary file and read it back as you need.

    MYDB = 'mydb.marshal'
    # Write to disk
    last_50 = [ "foo", "bar" ] MYDB, 'wb' ){ |f| f << Marshal.dump( last_50 ) }
    # Load from disk
    last_50 = Marshal.load( MYDB, 'rb' ){ |f| } )
    p last_50
    #=> ["foo", "bar"]
  • If you want the file format to be human-readable, try YAML (part of the Ruby standard library) or JSON as a gem. Both are plain-text file formats that you can dump to file, see, and load again.

  • You say you "don't want a database", but you don't say why. Do you know that SQLite has its database in a single file, is easy to install, and is fast and lightweight?

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Great answer, Phrogz. I don't want to use databse, beacause it is quite heavy. I know about sqlite and I use it often for small things. But I don't want to grab all it's functionality. I want to use something light and easy. Only thing I need is an Array or Hash with little bunch of data. File System as a storage seems to me more suitable than a databse. PStore, what I mentioned, uses Marshal as well. YAML and JSON looks very pretty too. Maybe more than Marshal. Thank you for remarking them. For some reason I haven't thought about them. Looks like you have answered my question :). –  fl00r Feb 11 '11 at 22:30
you may interested in this it's PStore storing its files using YAML ;) –  brutuscat Sep 21 '11 at 14:31

You should look at Redis

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Isn't it too huge solution for storing 50 lines of data? –  fl00r Feb 11 '11 at 21:19
It is pretty simple to run, and something you could easily find additional uses for (caching, message queue, job queue), but if it really does just remain 50 lines, then probably. –  danivovich Feb 12 '11 at 4:08

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