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Has anybody used or have any good references for some documents that combine requirements and test cases?

The TDD examples are more unit test centered but I am looking for something that is more Black Box Testing centered so that it is customer friendly.

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Black Box testing is really contrary to TDD's nature. Sure, as you're writing the test, the code under test doesn't exist - that's a kind of black box - but you're writing it in a very tight cycle right with the code. There's no black box here; you're looking for something else. Maybe BDD.

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+1: I've answered more or less the same, but added some links to tools. –  Don Roby Feb 11 '11 at 22:54

TDD is unit test centered by nature. It's really for developers and not supposed to be customer friendly.

TDD is also really not even about testing, but about using tests as a design tool. Which is part of why some people have tried to drop that term and instead do BDD - Behavior Driven Development, and also expanded the concept to be a little less developer-centric.

What you're looking for is acceptance/integration testing, so you should look at tools like FitNesse, FIT (which is part of FitNesse, but can be used independently) or Cucumber.

Which you use will depend upon your language, and for some languages there might be better tools.

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