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Has anybody been able to implement HTML 5 server-sent events using WCF REST? I have attempted to do it by creating a rest service that returns a Stream and this works if I use a "hard coded" event stream (i.e. I just create a string with the event text in, turn it into a MemoryStream that is then returned by the service operation). I can then see the events happening in my test page in Chrome. However, when I try to add events to the stream asynchronously, it fails because the stream is already closed. I think I need a way of keeping the stream open permanently.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

p.s. I can't use a duplex WCF binding for this because the HTML 5 specifies non-SOAP clients (obviously).

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I think you have to implement your own Binding in this case. There's no built-in Binding for comet (server-push).

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There is now a WCF binding for this called NetHttpBinding:

Alternatively the same thing can be achieved using SignalR, which is part of ASP.Net

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