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I've created a Google map that loads a KML file as an overlay. It is a map of trailheads for say hiking. What I'm trying to figure out now is how to create a search that will allow visitors to search within the KML's data and show the relevant trailhead/s as results on the Google Map. Is this possible? I have a google search that will let them search for an address, but this does NOT search within the KML file's data for a trailhead.

Ideally the visitor could input an address, say 12345 Main st., Chicago, IL, or something and it would display results that are within a specified vicinity, say ten miles, of that address (ie latitude, longitude).

I'm a little lost as to even where to begin.

thanks for your help!


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I don't know how often your kml file updates, but i recommend storing all the kml data in a database as well to make this easier. Maybe every once in a while re-download the kml file and update the database.

Then its as simple as using the haversine formula and searching the database for nearby trails.

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What you're describing sounds like a good job for Fusion Tables. Fusion Tables give you a nice way to store and edit the data (even collaboratively). In addition, there are geospatial columns/data fields you can add (aka, a "Location" column that can be address or lat/long coordinates). Put all the trail heads in your fusion table and you can map them. Let people enter an address or lat/long, and you can query the fusion table to show all trail heads within the user specified distance of that point. See the tutorials to get started.

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You can use KML search tool to do this. It supports KML KMZ CSV and GPX. You can find the tool here

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