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I'm looking for a Membership starter kit / NuGet package for MVC3 to handle things like user management as well as Facebook Authentication and Twitter Authentication.

The Microsoft.Web.Helpers seems to have some Facebook and Twitter helpers, but I don't think it has exactly what I'm looking for.

There is a good MVC Membership Starter Kit available, but I believe it is for MVC2 and I think Facebook / Twitter support is likely outside of its scope... https://github.com/TroyGoode/MembershipStarterKit

I feel like this should exist at this point, and that I just can't find it. So the question... Does anyone know of a NuGet package or starter kit for management of ASP.NET MVC3 membership and perhaps includes integrated Facebook and Twitter authentication out-of-box?

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The Microsoft.Web.Helpers are the only packages I know of that have FaceBook and Twitter helpers. We don't currently have a Membership Starter Kit available for ASP.NET MVC 3 as a NuGet package.

But I think it would be great to have one and we'll look into it.

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Thanks Phil, please keep me in the loop. I think it would be a really useful and reusable piece. –  Marc M Feb 14 '11 at 20:35

Well, it was just a matter of time to see NuGet packages appearing... these are the ones I saw today:

SecurityGuard ( I just tried it and it's AWESOME! :D )

enter image description here

Here's the story about it: http://www.mvccentral.net/Story/Details/tools/kahanu/securityguard-nuget-package-for-asp-net-membership

MvcMembership 3.6.0

SimpleMembership.Mvc3 1.2

For more NuGet packages, try searching here: https://nuget.org/packages?q=membership

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Thanks for these, hadn't seen SecurityGuard yet. BTW I wrote up a comparison of Social Auth libraries a couple months back: blog.marcmezzacca.com/2012/03/… –  Marc M May 19 '12 at 15:07

Take a look here: http://nuget.org/Tags/membership

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