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My team is developing an API into a business collaboration application that you can think of as Facebook for business. There are users, groups, and news feeds for users and groups. There are also business related objects of many types. Here are some design questions where your opinion can help us make better choices. The API can be used for things like developing mobile clients that display newsfeeds, integrating feeds with 3rd party web sites, or putting notifications from 3rd party apps into the feed.

When you think about getting or posting content to a news feed for a user or group, which of the below is more natural?

Option A

/feeds/entity/:id/items     # to post, delete feed items or get
                            # group or business object related feed items
/feeds/user/:user_id/items  # to get/post/delete feed items relating to a user
/users/:id                  # to get user profile
/users/:id/followers        # to get/add followers
/groups/:id/followers       # to get/add followers


Option B

/users/:id/feeds/items       # to get/post/delete feed data 
/groups/:id/feeds/items      # to get/post/delete feed data
/users/:id                   # to get user profile
/users/:id/followers         # to get/add followers
/groups/:id/members          # to get/add followers
/object/:id/feed/items       # get a feed related to an object
/object/:id                  # get info about the object

The advantage of the former is that you can use the same URL for all posts (but not for reads because users have different types of feeds than groups or the various business objects). The advantage of the latter is it shows the type of parent the feed belongs to and may be used for reads or writes or the other actions that live under each type of parent (like users or groups).

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in your first sentence. Are you describing linkedin? :-) –  Blundell Feb 11 '11 at 23:42
No, not linkedin. –  Logan Henriquez Feb 12 '11 at 5:54

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