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I need to have always up to date content of some file in my program I've created EMF resourceset Because resourceSet.getResource(resourceURI, true) takes a lot of time to proceed I store resourceSet in static field, so files can be cached.

I.e. once resourceSet.getResource(resourceURI, true) is called for some URI the file is cached in resourceSet.

The problem is that resourceSet doesn't update it's cache automatically:


resourceSet.getResource(resourceURI, true) // delete resourceURI from file system resourceSet.getResource(resourceURI, true) -> here I expect null, but old version of the file is returned

How to force resourceSet to update cache if needed?

i'm using org.eclipse.emf.ecore.resource.impl.ResourceSetImpl, but probably I need another version of ResourceSet that takes modificationStamps into account....

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Two things : first if you want to reload the resource, you'll have to call aResource.unload([..]); aResource.load([..])

As EMF is not requiring Eclipse in any way the Resource and ResourceSet classes are not the same as the Eclipse Workspace IResource subclasses, which mean changing a file on the file system will not cause the EMF Resources to be reloaded.

It's pretty easy to do though, have a look on the XxxxEditor EMF generated for you, the class instantiate a IResourceChangeListener which will receive deltas from the Eclipse workspace when a file is being modified. The generated listener process these deltas by reloading the resources.

 protected IResourceChangeListener resourceChangeListener = new IResourceChangeListener() {
        public void resourceChanged(IResourceChangeEvent event) {
                IResourceDelta delta = event.getDelta();
                //find out which EMF Resource matches with the IResource and reload it

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so this means that I have to write my own "smart" implementation of ResourceSet :) it's possible to check if the file has been changed using eclipse "timestamps" –  javapowered Mar 9 '11 at 10:31
The Eclipse workspace will do the work for you and notify your listener when there is an actual change. This change might happen when an editor saves or for instance when the workspace gets refreshed in regard to the file system. –  Cédric Brun Mar 10 '11 at 13:09

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