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I have written the following piece of code to extract the image of the region detected as face using the OpenCV2.2 facedetect.c code.

//Extracting the image of just the ROI
        IplImage* rectImage;
        CvRect boundingBox={point1.x,point1.y,r->width,r->height};

        IplImage* originalBox=cvCreateImage(cvSize(r->width,r->height),IPL_DEPTH_8U,3);
        IplImage* reSizedBox=cvCreateImage(cvSize(100,100),IPL_DEPTH_8U,3);

        cvCopy(rectImage, originalBox, 0);
        cvSaveImage("MyFaceBox.jpg", reSizedBox);

Problem: When I build it, it gives the following error: "error: ‘cvResize’ was not declared in this scope"

I am using xcode as a developer tool. I cannot understand what is creating the problem. Can someone please help?


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Did you include the relating header file, like

#include <imgproc/imgproc_c.h>
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