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New rails 3 app, what .js files can I delete? Want to use jquery not prototype.

Actually I'm pretty sure I won't be using any of the built in ajax functionality, I like to go custom.

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All of them, though you may want to keep application.js as it's a blank file you can use to insert your own custom javascript. But the prototype.js, effects.js, etc. are all Prototype-specific.

If you do use jQuery, there's a specific jQuery rails.js file for the unobtrusive javascript stuff: https://github.com/rails/jquery-ujs

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What you should keep in mind is that the jquery-ujs has a rake task to install so it deletes the necessary files itself. –  apneadiving Feb 12 '11 at 8:27

Worth noting that you can skip Prototype when the app is created

Rails new app --skip-prototype
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