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I have created an app and it runs successfully in the emulator. When I was trying to run it in any of my devices it shows the following error:

[2011-02-12 09:57:06 - FirstImage] Android Launch!
[2011-02-12 09:57:06 - FirstImage] adb is running normally.
[2011-02-12 09:57:06 - FirstImage] Performing com.gis.image.FirstImage activity launch
[2011-02-12 09:57:23 - FirstImage] Uploading FirstImage.apk onto device 'HT96WKF01291'
[2011-02-12 09:57:32 - FirstImage] Installing FirstImage.apk...
[2011-02-12 09:57:52 - FirstImage] Re-installation failed due to different application signatures.
[2011-02-12 09:57:52 - FirstImage] You must perform a full uninstall of the application. WARNING: This will remove the application data!
[2011-02-12 09:57:52 - FirstImage] Please execute 'adb uninstall com.gis.image' in a shell.
[2011-02-12 09:57:52 - FirstImage] Launch canceled!

What is the issue and how can I overcome it?

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Well, did you try to perform "adb uninstall com.gis.image"? –  Yuliy Feb 12 '11 at 4:40
no i dint and i dont know how to do it. pls help me in thta –  Siva K Feb 12 '11 at 4:42

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You have installed this .apk before, and it was compiled using a different signature (see here for details). To fix this you need to remove the previous installation (you have to do that only when the signature has changed - not normally).

On the device itself, go Menu->Settings->Manage Applications. Select the application which you want to Uninistall, and click on the ‘Uninstall’ button. Now try your install.

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When you install the application directly from eclipse it is signed by a different certificate than the one you use when you create the application for market.

What is most likely happening is that you have the app installed with a different signature than the one you are trying to install now.

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Some times this happens, when you keep on installing the app through your code then it sometimes gives such kind of error..To over come this Just Open a terminal And paste this

adb uninstall com.gis.image

This is according to your Above error log...

You Just need to Uninstall your app from the Device.. Just like it :)

Hope this Helps....

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