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I tried framework and require, both with paths, and got the same library not found message.

I found an article on generating BridgeSupport files for static C libraries. I've never done this before, so will try it and report back.

But if anyone has any experience either loading cocos2d or even a custom static library, it would be appreciated.


http://www.macruby.org/trac/wiki/MacRubyTutorial#AccessingStaticAPIs http://bridgesupport.macosforge.org/trac/

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The answer is, I think, to create an Objective-C bundle for MacRuby, per this article


I will explore this more when I get back, but now I am out of the country for a week with only an iPad, so...more when I get back...

but there's no reason it shouldn't work that I can tell--at least the calls should work.

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Here are some answers, but an important unanswered question too:

ok, so I was able to compile the headers into bridgesupport files, but had to do a couple of things.

so I ran gen_bridge_metadata once, and got an error that ccCArray could not be found.

1) In CCTexturePVR.h, i had to change

'#import "ccCArray.h"'


'#import "Support/ccCArray.h"'

so I ran it again. then a C99 error on the inline 'for' looks in ccCArray.h

2) So the fix was add the --std=C99 flag to the command line.

So the command line now looks likes this:

gen_bridge_metadata -c '-I. --std=c99' cocos2d.h > cocos2d.bridgesupport

so that compiled fine

here's the bridgesupport file it generated:

(xml file not showing)

which means it only found the cocos2dVersion function.

which means each header has to be bridgesupport compiled separately I guess.

here's the result of the CCAction.h bridgesupport compile:


so more functions and methods on this one. cool.


so now I go into macirb and load the cocos2d.bridgesupport file

irb(main):003:0> load_bridge_support_file 'cocos2d.bridgesupport' => main


and great, it works fine.

but now I try to run the function



irb(main):005:0> cocos2dVersion Assertion failed: (cache->as.fcall.imp != NULL), function rb_vm_dispatch, file dispatcher.cpp, line 766. Abort trap

so...obviously the problem is it can't find libcocos2s.a.

how do I help it find this file?


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